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Whether you are going to a meeting in Zurich or a family celebration in Frutigen, abilio gets you there – from door to door. You decide which means of transport to use, and the route planner puts together various potential travel routes. All that is left for you to do is to choose a route and begin.

Frequently asked questions

The intermodal router enables you to combine means of transport individually. You can select your preferred means of transport in the overview, and your itinerary will be defined accordingly.

The intermodal route planner allows you to combine means of transport as you wish.

If you mainly travel via one means of transport, you can easily deactivate the others in the overview.

The provision of intermodal travel variations is very complex. Unfortunately, once you have selected several means of transport, it is no longer possible to adjust the travel time by scrolling. To be able to see earlier or later departure times by scrolling again, you must restrict yourself to a single means of transport. For example, if you only want to see timetables for public transport, simply switch off the additional forms of mobility (car, bicycle, etc.), then you will have no problem scrolling to adjust the time.

In the future, abilio will serve as an intermodal trip planner. It will not only be valid for public transport, but also for private providers such as taxi or car-sharing services. As soon as new functions become available, you will learn about them here

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