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Like having the latest technology? Walk-In from abilio gives you a valid ticket without a single click.


Walk-In – a valid ticket without a single click

Just walk right in: Walk-In ensures that you automatically have a valid travel ticket for all Südostbahn trains and BLWE busses. Just activate the walk-in function on your app and abilio will use Bluetooth to identify where your journey begins and where it ends. Everything is calculated at the end of the day – very handy.

Frequently asked questions

Walk-In provides you with a valid ticket without a single click. Simply enable Bluetooth and abilio will track your trip. This function uses so-called iBeacons, which are installed in SOB trains and BLWE buses.

If you are on a BLWE bus or an SOB train, abilio will automatically generate a valid ticket.

Until 6 p.m. on the following day, abilio will automatically charge your credit card for the trips that you made.

Before boarding, you can select your preferred class in the “Swipe-In & Walk-In” menu. Your choice is recorded, and your ticket is valid for the selected class.

For technical reasons, Walk-In and Swipe-In are currently only available for iOS and Samsung smartphones. We are constantly developing the system to ensure the functions are made available for other smartphone models soon.

Where can I use the abilio Walk-In function?

Walk-in currently available on the Südostbahn transport network

Walk-in ensures that you have a valid travel ticket for all Südostbahn trains, which includes the Voralpen-Express and BLWE busses. You will see the walk-in icon shown next to anywhere you can use the walk-in functionality.

The Südostbahn transport network

Südostbahn trains

  • Voralpen-Express St.Gallen - Luzern
  • S4 Sargans - Uznach - St.Gallen - Sargans
  • S 27 Ziegelbrücke - Siebnen - Wangen 
  • S 31 Biberbrugg - Arth-Goldau 
  • S 32 Biberbrugg - Arth-Golda - Rotkreuz 
  • S 40 Rapperswil - Einsiedeln 
  • S 81 Herisau - St.Gallen - Wittenbach

BLWE busses

  • BLWE-busses: Ebnat - Wattwil - Lichtensteig 

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